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Tell your friends and relatives that plan to go to Thailand or Morocco about FalkTime guide books. Share a link to an article that you find interesting or helpful. Likes, subscriptions, reviews / comments and other social signals are also important for the project.

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This form is secure, it is powered by Yandex. As I’m a resident of Russia the currency is ruble (₽). The rate in February 2020 is:

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I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen all these pleas many times. It means that a person takes part in affiliate program like TravelPayouts. The point is that the owner of website (who brought a real customer = you) will be rewarded with a little commission.

It doesn’t affect your bill.

Today almost every webmaster uses affiliate links. In 95% of cases you help the last website (where you’ve clicked the link) to get a commission. When you’ll be about to buy a ticket or book accommodation, please remember of me and follow the links listed below (they include my personal marker). All these companies are known worldwide and tested by millions of people including me.

Tourism – accommodation.

JetRadar – airplane tickets.

Klook – e-tickets to museums (water parks, shows etc), cheaper than if you buy them in the very museum.

RentalCars – car rent.


Beget – hosting, VPS, domain registration etc.

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