What is a walk by FalkTime?

On some city pages and in the menu you may have seen a “Walk” section. It includes different articles with routes or locations that you can use as self-guided tours. All of them are supposed to be pedestrian to get closer to the city atmosphere.

Article with no exact itinerary

Usually it is about location that is worth having a walk there (f.e. a park or a district). It’s hard to make enough informative and not dull description of such place – too many small insignificant (for the first sight) details that build impression. Just walk around paying attention to anything that surrounds you, as you get there. The article contains coordinates of interesting objects that I have seen there or links if these objects have their own pages on FalkTime.

Article with the exact itinerary

This type has a structure:

  1. A brief description of the route;
  2. Some necessary details;
  3. Some pictures (1 per sight to create a slight image of route);
  4. A map with itinerary.

All sights on the route, that don’t have their own pages, are supplied with coordinates (sights that do – with links). Also there can be coordinates of landmarks when they are needed.

Adapt the route for yourself

Probably you have already seen something from the list, or you just feel no interest for some objects. Or maybe you would like to slow down, so you will divide the route in several parts.

Remember that this is just a favor, just my point of view to the interesting route. You can build a perfect route of your own using the information from the neighboring “Sights” and “Infrastructure” sections.


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