About FalkTime

Hi, my name is Falk. Welcome to my website. I was lucky to be born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Saint-Petersburg (Russia). But inside of me hides a passion for traveling.

It took a very short time to understand, that I have overgrown package tours. Since then I’m travelling and exploring on my own. Every time I tried to search on web for any useful information, it turned into numerous wasted hours and tonnes of visited pages. Today I have decided to offer you my vision to the way the online travel guidebook should be.

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About me

I have a master’s degree in tourism studies. I usually plan rather busy routes for my trips. As I am always curious to see more of unique and unforgettable places. I am fond of nature and architecture. I like to get in touch with previously unknown cultures and to bring tasty traditions back home.

I like to put everything in order and to give exact data to anyone. I value time and don’t like verbosity. That’s why I will try to put a maximum of information in a short article. If I have any doubts of the information, I will definitely warn you.

I can speak English and German, and I have a basic level in French and Thai. Unfortunately English is not my native language, so please accept my apologies if my unintentional spelling or grammar mistakes come to your notice. To correct the rudest of them you may use Ctrl+Enter command (comment field is included). I would appreciate if you do it with a comment about the right way of spelling.

When I write articles in my native language, I tend to use all the spelling and grammar rules.

My first trip to Thailand

About this project

This is an attempt to create the most effective online travel guide for my friends all over the world, who want to use my travelling experience. I hope that I will succeed in reducing the amount of time that you spend in search of the accurate information. I will do my best to provide polite and friendly atmosphere, to make you feel comfortable here.

We are different – different tempers, cultures, knowledge, tastes, interests and experiences. And also different time, weather or mood can influence our estimation. The same sight can bring one person to admiration and the other – to disappointment. No matter how unique this sight is. So I will try to avoid putting my subjective estimation in describing sights.

I’m the author of everything you see in my website (pictures, recipes, articles, design).

Every article will include GPS coordinates – today any cheap cell phone with Android gives possibility to use a navigation system (like Google Maps). This is great, because even if you don’t know the language or no one is around, you still can find a sight.

Please note that all guide books are in progress. 1st of June 2018 is the date I’ve started to publish. I began with the mysterious kingdom of Morocco. Now I work over Thailand guide book and from time to time I write articles about my home city. If you would like to follow the development of my website – you are welcome to join a group in one of social networks, to subscribe to RSS or e-mails or to visit FalkTime regularly.

Have a good day and always an interesting trip!

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