Thin pancakes

This is the easiest recipe of Russian pancakes. According to this recipe you will make thin elastic pancakes with no holes, perfect for wrapping any filling (even a liquid one) in them  or eating just the way they are. Recipes of fillings and other stuff that concerns pancakes you will find here.


  • 0,5 l of milk
  • 200 g of all purpose flour
  • 2 big eggs
  • 2 tsp of sugar
  • 0,5 tsp of salt
  • 4 tbsp of any flavorless oil

You will make ~9 pancakes 24-25 cm. in diameter. Pancakes will be of neutral taste. If you like sweet pancakes – add more sugar (1-2 tbsp).


1. Put all ingredients in a bowl, mix with a fork and blend it with hand blender (shaft with blades).

2. Pour some oil to a frying pan (~1 tbsp), preheat your frying pan and pour the first portion of batter. Help it to spread, lifting pan and leaning it clockwise. Start frying process with medium heat, if you see that you can cook quicker, switch to medium-high or high heat. Also you may put another one frying pan and fry pancakes in 2 pans at 1 time.

A pancake is ready to be flipped over, when batter has no wet surface, edges of pancake became dry and the pancake can be easily separated from a pan (you can test it putting a spatula under pancake – also you can check the colour).

Remember to stir batter every time prior pouring it to frying pan. Because flour slowly precipitates.

3. Put ready pancakes one on one (making a pile). If you plan to fry ready pancakes one more time (f.e. if you put cheese inside and you want it to melt) then don’t let them brown too much.

Some tips about pancakes

a. If you have induction cooker and the circle is less than bottom of your frying pan – edges of pancakes will be pale, but they won’t get burned.

b. If pancakes start to stick to a pan (after frying several pancakes), just add some oil to a pan before pouring batter (see step 2).

c. To make cooking process as easy as possible you will need:

  • Non-stick frying pan with low walls;
  • Long spatula (to have no problems with flipping pancakes over);
  • Kitchen spoon that is big enough for 1 portion of batter or a bottle (fill it with ready batter);
  • Hand blender or mixer.

Fillings and toppings for Russian pancakes

Some delicious fillings should be cooked in advance. You will find them under this tag. But there’s a big variety of ready-to-use fillings and toppings that we like in Russia. So I have 2 lists of different toppings for you.

Sweet fillings & toppings

  • Liquid jam
  • Sweet condensed milk
  • Honey
  • Fresh strawberry (cut in pieces) with sugar
  • Banana (1,6 kg/1 kg peeled for this amount of pancakes) & chocolate (135-150 g)

Pancakes with jam, now one needs only to fold them:

Savory fillings & toppings



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