Pasta with creamy sauce, corn seeds (+ mushrooms)

Corn seeds share their sweetness with creamy sauce and turn it to a different taste than pasta with creamy mushroom sauce has. You can omit mushrooms if you prefer sweeter taste of sauce. If you want to have al dente pasta, reduce cooking time in step 2 (~ -2 min).

From this amount of ingredients you will get 2 portions (or 1 huge, see the picture below). I remind you that we use only 1 pan (pot, whatever you have) every step means that you should add new ingredients to previous.


Step 1:

  • 20 g of onion
  • 80 g of fresh or frozen champignons (or any mushrooms up to your taste)
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of black pepper

Mince onion and cut mushrooms. Add some oil to a pan and fry until mushrooms are golden-brown. Avoid undercooking – mushrooms can absorb water later and lose their taste and texture.

Step 2:

  • 100 g of any long pasta
  • 240 ml of water

Add, cover the pan and bring to a boil. Stir, reduce the heat to minimum and cover the pan. Cooking time – see the package of pasta +2 min.

Step 3:

  • 100 ml of cream, 20%
  • 80 g of sweet corn seeds
  • 50 g of sliced cheese (gouda type)

Uncover the pan, add ingredients, stir and cook at medium-low heat until cream starts to bubble. If the sauce is too liquid – cook pasta for another minute, constantly stirring (it will help to reduce excess liquid).

To make dish healthier add some fresh vegetables and meat (I’ve found a cucumber and some hot-smoked chicken in my fridge).

About one pan pasta method – read here.

Other recipes with use of this quick & easy method – are here.


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