Fried navy style pasta – with minced meat and cheese

In Russia we have a recipe called “makarony po-flotski” (navy style pasta). For this recipe one needs to cook minced meat, separately boil pasta and then mix everything together. Because separate cooking takes much time, it’s usually cooked a big amount of this dish and later it’s stored in a fridge. Despite of being Russian I’ve never tasted this dish and actually I even don’t want to.

We’ll do everything vice versa. First of all we’ll use one pan pasta method. This will help to avoid excess dirty kitchenware. You need only 1 non-stick frying pan (sauce pan). And it will help to reduce time of cooking. The time depends on how long your pasta should be cooked, so you’ll spend cooking 15 min. and up. As you see, it’s a quick recipe, that’s why I would recommend cooking it prior to serving. Storage will make fried pasta not that crispy & nice.

Secondly, I give you a choice – you can stop cooking, when your pasta will be ready (step 3), and enjoy classic taste, or you may continue cooking like I prefer to do and get an amazing simple dish with a little crispy crust. This amount makes 2 portions (or 1 for a very hungry human).

Ingredients #1:

  • 150 g of minced meat (I make salty pork minced meat with such proportions, garlic is not necessary, you can make minced meat according to that one recipe, divide it in portions and store in a freezer)
  • 350 ml of water
  • Some like to add a few diced carrots or tomato paste, I don’t do it in this recipe. If you want to, you need to add them in this step.

Ingredients #2:

  • 150 g short pasta with holes (different kind of tubes – penne, pipe, etc)
  • 0,25 tsp of salt

Ingredients #3:

  • 2-3 tbsp of frying oil

Ingredients #4:

  • 75 g of any cheese (like Edam, Gouda etc)


1. Put ingredients #1 in a frying pan, cover and bring to a boil at high heat.

2. Now you have a choice:

  • Break huge lumps of meat in 1 cm pieces with spatula
  • Use hand blender

Both ways are tasty. Big lumps are tasty, when they contact your teeth and small pieces can easily fill the holes of pasta.

The main rule: be quick, don’t waste time or there will be a lack of water later.

Fried one pan pasta with minced meat & cheese
Here’s the dish with meat minced with hand blender, the first picture of the recipe shows pasta with 1 cm pieces of minced meat

3. Add ingredients #2, stir, cover, bring 1 more time to a boil and simmer. Time of cooking – see the time on the package of your pasta + 2 min.

4. While the pasta is cooking, dice the cheese.

5. Pasta is ready – uncover the pan, and stir while cooking at a medium heat, until the excess water evaporates.

6. Add oil, stir to cover all pasta.

7. Fry pasta occasionally stirring (don’t let it get burned). Pay attention at the crust of minced meat with flour that builds at the bottom of your pan – you should scramble it in time, otherwise it will start to burn and the dish will be spoiled. This crust gives good flavour, so stir it in the dish.

Depending on the quality of pasta it can break, while you stir it – don’t hesitate, it won’t affect the taste of the dish.

8. When the pasta will turn golden (5 min. prior to switch off), add cheese. Continue stirring from time to time, so the cheese will melt and build some crust, when it touches hot bottom.

If you want the same look of the dish as on my picture – 1 minute before finishing cooking process, reduce the heat, stir pasta and flatten it a little. Leave it for 1 min. Now you don’t need to take it out: simply turn the pan upside down and the pasta will fall on a plate.


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