French toasts with sugar or cheese

Recipe for a perfect breakfast – tasty, easy, quick and hard to resist. Pieces of wheat bread are dipped in milk-egg mixture and fried in a pan. Actually one can stop here, as they are already delicious and have universal taste. But you may make them sweet by sprinkling some sugar over or adding a layer of chocolate spread, honey or peanut butter; or savory – with cheese or ham.


  • 100 ml of milk
  • 1 egg
  • A pinch of salt
  • ~150 g of any wheat bread, stale bread will be good also

For sweet toasts:

  • ~5 tsp of sugar

For cheese toasts:

  • 75 g of any cheese that is easily melting – follow your fantasy (or check the food you have in your fridge right now) and add brie or camembert cheese instead of gouda or mozzarella.

If you would like to have sweet French toasts with vanilla flavour – just add some vanilla sugar to milk-egg mixture. Also you can combine sugar with 2 pinches of cinnamon.

You may put some fried sesame seeds or minced dill leaves on cheese.

My pictures show French toasts without any additions – just sugar and just cheese. If you want to cook both of them, reduce quantity of sugar and cheese twice.


1. Put egg and salt to a bowl and stir with a fork. Add milk and stir another time. Prepare sugar; slice the cheese (the thinner the better).

2. Pour some oil to frying pan. Dip a piece of bread for 2 seconds (both sides). Don’t hold bread in mixture for too long, otherwise the middle of toast will remain more cream rather than bread.

3. French toasts with sugar: fry at the medium heat, each side will require ~1-1,5 min.

French toasts with cheese: fry the 1st side at medium-low heat, ~1,5 min., flip over and top with a slice of cheese. Cover the pan and fry ~1,5 min.

French toast sandwich

To make cheese melt better – put 2 toasts on a pan, when the 1st side becomes ready, flip over one toast, add a slice of cheese and cover with the 2d toast (unfried side should be up). After ~1,5 min. flip over the sandwich to fry the last side.

Also you can make a sandwich with chocolate (milk, dark or white – at your choice), just put some chocolate instead of cheese.

Inner texture of French toast
French toast has very soft inner texture as milky mixture crawls in every air bubble of bread

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