Black currant buttercream

Strong bright taste of fresh black currant turns the taste of classic buttercream upside down! Just try this easy and quick recipe to create blackcurrant buttercream in 10 minutes. I would like to warn you against adding more berries: follow the recipe proportions otherwise your buttercream won’t become homogeneous even after 20 min. of whipping.


  • 180 g of butter (82,5% fat)
  • 215 g of powdered sugar (with no starch! I just grind sugar in coffeegrinder)
  • 165 g of fresh or frozen black currant


  • Hand blender (shaft with blades & shaft with whisk)


1. Take butter out of the fridge – it needs ~1 hour to soften.

2. Put frozen black currant in a cup or glass and defrost it in microwave oven (360 W, ~2 min). Avoid overheating blackcurrant – we need fresh berries.

3. Spread powdered sugar over black currant, mix with a spoon and make puree with blender. Powdered sugar will be dissolved. Blackcurrant puree won’t be as homogeneous as strawberry puree. So I would advise you to pour blackcurrant puree through a sieve and help it with a spoon to come through. All big pieces will stay in a sieve.

4. Put soft butter in blender’s glass and whip it for 2 min.

Whipped butter

5. Add black currant puree to whipped butter and continue whipping until buttercream becomes homogeneous. ~2-4 min.

Blackcurrant buttercream
My buttercream is made of non-filtered blackcurrant puree, if you don’t want your buttercream to contain so many berry skin pieces – use advice from step 3

After decorating your cake (muffins, whatever) with blackcurrant buttercream, put it in f fridge for at least 2 hours. Any buttercream is tasty only when it becomes cold.


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